March 14, 2010

Portraits | Erin

Austin editorial photo shoot with Erin Fallon. Happy Birthday, E! I miss you bunches.
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Hair and Make Up: Ellie Vixie



What a beauty!

15:43 March 14, 2010

Kelly Ry

Gorgeous, gorgeous! Her hair color makes me want to run to the salon first thing tomorrow.

18:09 March 14, 2010


These images are extraordinary. I didn't know you could rock portraits like this too! First & the last are AMAZING, but I love the shadow play on the fence too. You are incredible, Kristi Wright.

18:18 March 14, 2010


These are awesome! I love the fence pics! I had so much fun on this shoot!!

20:36 March 14, 2010

gabe aceves

kristi- your work is so rad. i love it, and now im inspired.

13:26 March 15, 2010

Chavvon Smith

Love all of these! awesome!

15:45 March 19, 2010

Laura Burlton

Funny! I used to know her when she lived in Houston and my husband did her hair for a few years :) I even took her photos once, which is a long story, but I was basically uncle bobbing another photographer. This must have been at least 14 years ago :)

12:53 March 24, 2010


These are incredible and I can't believe it took this long for me to see these. Then again, she has never taken a bad picture in her life...but these are even more special. Also - I knew her when she was in Houston and saw one pic in a hair salon that I still think is pretty incredible. You rock, Kristi!!!

14:42 March 29, 2010

Julian Beattie

Amazing colours! Love how crisp it all is. Great work, especially loving the chain shadow one!

20:30 April 5, 2010