Couples Boudoir | M+A


Va~Va VOOM! Holy crap these are suh-MOKIN HOTT! sweet session K…. she is absolutely beautiful…flawless if you will 😉

Va-voooommmm! These are so freaking sensual. Amazing job!

What can I say…these are just hot, hot, hot! Beautiful couple, amazing chemistry, gorgeous photos.

Whoa! Talk about hot. Never seen a couples’ boudoir session before but it’s a great idea. Especially loving the shot of him bending her back over the table, the shot down through the chandalier, and the bedroom images. Really great work Kristi.

Wow. I feel like a voyeur seeing such intimacy on the internet. Congrats on your first super-sensual session!

hawt. i don’t even know what else to say about it…perfect location. perfect lighting. smokin’ hot couple. they really did an amazing job being comfortable in front of the camera, you did a fabulous job with these…classy but super sensual. nice!

Frame shooting down through the chandelier is incredible. Super well done Kristi!

Wow!! That’s just steamy!! Great job Kristi, I love the one where you are looking down from the chandelier!

I don’t know what to say. These are stunning. Hot and still tasteful. Just amazing.

These are insane amazing!

These are so great. The one with the chandelier is just genius. I also love the one with the couple both laughing. The way they look at each other there is so much love and passion. You did a wonderful job capturing it!


Whoa Wee! steamy hot! Love it!

WOW, these are great. Good couple to work with!

OH MY GOSH. this is so crazy hot! I am sure this couple is so stoked on their images. Beautiful work.

Shannon Hamm

Incredible!! Ok, I am definitely going to have to do a boudoir session with you


Me and my bf want a few black and white sexy pics of us. What are your prices?

Thank you,




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