Granada Spain Wedding Alhambra | Anika + Joaquin

granada spain wedding alhambra

Alhambra wedding in Granada


Getting Ready Location: Hotel Casa 1800 
Wedding Venue: Parador de Granada
Coordination: AWOL Granada
Reality TV Show: 4 Bodas

Have you ever wondered what goes on behind the scenes of a reality TV show like the Bachelor? Throw in a real live wedding and you’ve got one crazy day.

To give you a little backstory: I have known Anika for almost twenty years. We met in a small acting class on the east side of Austin. Each week, as we progressed through our Meisner studies, we would bare our souls to each other. There were moments of intense laughter, sadness, anger, joy – every emotion you could imagine – we shared them all. Out of this class was born a fierce, long-lasting friendship. We’ve both been through so many changes. There have been days where I know we have both questioned whether or not true love was possible. If you hold true to what you want in life, you will find it.

About a year ago, Anika let me know she was having a “small, beautiful wedding in Spain” and hoped I might be able to come. When she decided to have me photograph her dream wedding, I was over the moon. Two weeks before the big day, I learned there would be a reality TV crew on site. The text message said, “just a couple of people”. As I looked at my phone, I knew better than to think a reality tv show would only send a cameraman or two, and I was right.

The morning of the wedding was beautiful. We started our coverage with Anika and her daughters at Hotel Casa 1800. Champagne flowed, there was lots of laughter. Everything was going perfect.

As we drove to the wedding venue, the rain started to fall. We arrived to a chaotic venue with no rain plan and an eight person TV crew. They each carried ESPN-like camera gear. There were producers with clip boards instructing the very boisterous reality tv contestants.

I will not lie – this was by far the most challenging experience I’ve ever faced in my 10 years photographing weddings. I had to fight for position, battle weather all while doing my best to capture my friend taking the next step with her love. Choking back tears behind my camera, I listened as Anika talked about how despite knowing that love was possible for others, she never really believed it was possible for her – until she met Joaquin. Their love affair began the old fashioned way. They wrote many long letter by mail before they ever even met face to face. The rest, as they say, is history.

Congratulations, Anika and Joaquin. May your love continue to grow and your lives flourish in your new home in Spain, and may you think of your time at the Alhambra fondly.

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Granada Spain Wedding Alhambra

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